September Menu 

The September Menu will begin Tuesday September 4th and continue through September 29th. 

Our product offerings change monthly & seasonally to take advantage of the freshest ingredients available.  Menus are currently emailed and published weekly.  The "WILDFLOUR WEEKLY" is a weekly newsletter exclusively available to customers who have signed up to receive our emails.  The newsletter contains more detailed descriptions of our featured products! 

Products are currently only available by advance order.  

      Our order form has photos of all products!

Please call us with any questions about ordering or ingredients:  (425) 765-6115

Dairy refers to milk - not eggs.  All products contain eggs unless designated as vegan. Our Bakery is peanut-free but we do use several types of tree nuts in the facility.

GF=gluten free; DF = dairy free; SF= soy free; NF =no nut ingredients used; V = vegan (no egg)

For those sensitive to pea protein please avoid the following products:  Sweet Potato Biscuits, Cinnamon Apple Scones, Savory Scones, Orange Almond Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Marbled Almond Butter Brownie, Snickerdoodles, Dairy-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Biscotti.





French Bread$7.95 (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Honey Quinoa Sandwich Loaf $12.50 (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Petite Baguettes $14.50 - 1/2 dozen (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Sesame Seed Buns $14.50 - 1/2 dozen (GF,DF,SF,NF- topped w/sesame seed)

Cinnamon Rolls 4 pk. $17 (GF,DF,SF,NF )

Vegan Pizza Crust ( frozen product)

1 pk. 12" $7.00 (GF,DF,SF,NF,V)

Traditional Pizza Crusts ( frozen product)

2 pk. 12" $13.95 (GF,DF,SF,NF)

3 pk. 8" $12.25 (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Sourdough Loaf  By Bread SRSLY $11.50 (GF,DF,SF,NF,V- frozen product)

Sourdough Sandwich Rolls by Bread SRSLY 4 ct. $9.50 (GF,DF,SF,NF,V- frozen product)

Rosemary Olive Rolls 4 ct. $8 (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Herb Focaccia $8.50 (GF,DF,SF,NF)


4 Pk. $9.50:

 Sweet Potato Biscuits (GF,DF,SF,NF,V - contains coconut )

Pepper Jack Biscuits ( GF,SF, NF -contains dairy )


$10.50-  Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf w/ Lemon Icing (GF,DF,SF- contains almond)

$9.50 -   Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread (GF,DF,SF, NF)

$9.50 - Pumpkin w/ Pumpkin Seed Crust (GF,DF,SF, NF)

$9.50 - Cinnamon Apple Walnut (GF,DF,SF - contains walnuts)


4 / $17

Ginger Pear (GF,DF,SF,NF-contains coconut )

Orange Almond (GF,DF,SF- contains almond, coconut)

***Split flavor packs are also available, 2 of each flavor ***



$10.50- Original Grain Free (GF,DF,SF,V- contains coconut, almond)

Herb Focaccia Bread




Mocha Cupcake

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie



SWEET SCONES: 2 / $8.50

 Cinnamon Apple (GF,DF,SF,NF-contains coconut)

Maple Bourbon Pumpkin (GF,DF,V - contains cashew, soy)

SAVORY SCONES: 2 / $9.90

Roasted Red Pepper & Arugula Scones (GF,SF,NF-contains coconut,  dairy from Sheep / goat only - no cow's milk)


• BARS •

2 / $8.50:

Classic Lemon Bar ( GF,SF,NF- contains dairy)

Apricot-Peach Streusel Bar (GF,DF,SF,V- contains almond)

Marbled Almond Butter Brownie (GF,DF,SF- contains almond)


Butterscotch Blondie (GF, SF,NF- contains dairy)



$15 /  half  dozen

Classic Chocolate Chip ( GF,NF -contains dairy, soy lecithin)

Snickerdoodles (GF,DF,SF,NF)

Double Chocolate Chip (GF,DF,SF,NF,V)

Dairy -free Chocolate Chip ( GF,DF,SF,NF )

Kona Coffee Chocolate Crinkle  (GF,DF,SF,NF)

** Cookie assortment packs are also available - see order form for details.  Dairy free combination available at 2 each (Dairy-free Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodles ) per half dozen or 4 each per dozen. Traditional assortment includes 3 of each for 1 dozen orders ( Classic Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle,  Double Chocolate Chip & Kona Crinkles).


1/2 dozen $14.95

Mocha Chocolate Chip (GF,DF,SF, NF )

Chocolate Orange Hazelnut (GF,DF,SF - contains hazelnuts )


4 / $18

Peach Bellini Cupcake w/ Peach Filling &  Frosting (GF,DF,SF, NF)

Chocolate Mocha Cupcake ( chocolate cake w/ ganache topping and a light coffee frosting )(GF,DF,SF,NF,V - contains coconut)


4 / $18:

Marbled Nutella Cakelets ( GF - contains, dairy, soy lecithin, hazelnuts )