• Scones • 

Flavors change monthly. Most flavors available for special order by the dozen with discount pricing year round. We use freshly squeezed juice in the icing on all citrus-flavored scones. All scones are topped with an icing made from Organic & Corn-Free Powdered sugar.  All products are dairy and soy free unless noted. 


Cranberry Orange (January)

Dried cranberries are soaked in orange juice for this scone which is topped with a bright citrus orange glaze.

Cherry Amaretto (February) 

Tart dried Montmorency cherries are soaked in a both amaretto and orange juice in this subtly almond flavored scone, which is topped with a cherry tinted glaze spiked with amaretto.  

Irish Coffee (March)

This scone combines the flavors of coffee, cream, and Irish whiskey flecked with dark chocolate. Topped with an Irish whiskey spiked glaze. 

Coco-Cabana (April)

The tropical flavors in this scone are inspired by sunny, Spring-break destinations.  Sweet dried mango, pineapple & papaya are combined with coconut and passion fruit.  Taken over the top with a coconut icing and  garnished with toasted coconut. 

Lavender Lemon Blueberry (May)

Fresh local berries are accented with lemon in this classic fresh fruit scone. Topped with a tangy lemon glaze. Accented with a hint of lemon & local lavender

Passion Fruit Peach (June) 

Pure passion fruit puree and cream accent fresh peaches in this scone iced with a passion fruit glaze. One of our most popular flavors! 

Red, white & Blue:  Mixed Berry Lemon (July)

Fresh local Blueberries, Raspberries & Blackberries are accented with lemon with lemon to create a wonderful late summer scone flavor! Topped with a tangy lemon icing.  

Blackberry daiquiri (August) 

A new flavor this year!  Local fresh Blackberries are folded into our Buttery, flaky scone accented with a splash of rum, a hint of lime zest and a drizzle of a lime icing. 

Cinnamon Apple (September)

Chunks of tart-sweet, local  apples combine with cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg for a scone that captures the best flavors of early Autumn.  Perfect for a crisp fall morning breakfast with a Hot Apple cider! 

Pumpkin Cranberry (October)

A new flavor for us last year that developed an almost cult-like following. One of the few scone flavors we offer without any dairy! Organic pumpkin combines with tart dried cranberries, accented with a hint of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger in this magnificent flavor combination. 

Chocolate Orange Fig (early November)

This is a new flavor this year.  We are combining organic dried mission figs that have been soaked in orange juice with chunks of 72% Belgian chocolate and a hint of orange zest for an amazing flavor combination.  These scones are sprinkled with organic sugar and drizzled with a light orange icing. These are a must try - even if you don't think you like figs.  We've already swayed many in our taste testing!

Fresh Cranberry Eggnog (late November / December)

A dairy-free scone!  Fresh tart cranberries, contrast with a hint of rum & nutmeg in this eggnog glaze topped scone. Only available for a short time each year. The essence of the season's best flavors. Enjoy with an eggnog latte! 

• Biscuits • 

Shortcake Biscuits 

These are a classic sweet & flaky biscuit that can be topped with whipped cream and fresh berries or toasted with butter and jam. A simple classic. Available Summer and year round by special order.  ( Dairy )

Herb Buttermilk Biscuits

These savory, flaky biscuits go well with roast chicken or turkey. Fresh thyme, sage & black pepper combine to make a savory combination. Also great for mini sandwiches. Available November & December.  ( Dairy )

Sweet Potato Biscuits

These are a new flavor this year.  These buttery tasting biscuits get a beautiful orange hue and moisture from organic sweet potatoes.  These will make a great side to your holiday dinner, or try pairing with a salad or a bowl of steaming hot spicy chili.   These biscuits will have year- round availability as long as demand continues. (vegan)

Pepper Jack Biscuits

Local Pepper Jack Cheese combines with fresh green onion to give these biscuits a spicy kick. Great with soup, or with eggs for breakfast. Fall availability.  ( Dairy )

Cheddar & Chive Biscuits 

During March we celebrate the Irish using their Dubliner Cheddar Cheese. Fragrant green onions are flecked throughout this flaky biscuit. ( Dairy )