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“Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company is a true jewel. Rebecca has love, innovativeness, integrity, and magic in her hands. Her products are literally permeated with these attributes. Every bite down to the last crumb is a delicious delight. The balance of moistness, sweetness, richness is superb. I love to close my eyes and let the baked goods melt on my tongue as I savor each herb and/or spice ingredient. YUMMY! I've shared her banana bread, savory biscuits, & lemon-lavender bars with many friends who are not on gluten-free diets - 100% of these folks cannot tell these rich and delectable desserts are made without gluten flour. They loved them as much as I do."


“I first discovered Wildflour gluten free through a friend who found the products at the Redmond Farmer’s Market. I was hooked immediately and the Hazelnut, poppyseed, pumpkin bread is now my staple bread. It’s texture and consistency mimic wheat breads and it holds together well for sandwiches. I buy several loaves at once and freeze it, pre-sliced. Then I take it out and toast one slice at a time when I want it. All of the products freeze well so I only make the trek to Bellevue about once a month. I also love the scones, cookies and other artisan breads. I have been gluten free for 23 years and my family used to make fun of what I ate. Now I have to hide Wildflour products as my whole family loves them. My husband says these products are so good you would not know they are gluten free and they are better than many wheat based products he has eaten. Rebecca is very easy to work with and has often accommodated special orders for me. I appreciate that she uses local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. The quality of ingredients definitely contributes to the cost of her products but I think they are worth it.”


“Wildflour Gluten-Free Baking Company is the most wonderful and amazing bakery on the west coast. Having felt deprived of real baked goods with great texture and quality and flavor for many years of gluten free living, I was just absolutely thrilled beyond words to discover this bakery at a local farmer's market. Now that there is an actual store front in Bellevue where special orders can be placed and picked up on Saturdays as well as plenty for drop in customers, I feel so lucky to live in this area. No matter where I travel up and down the coast, I have never tasted gf baked goods like these. One would never know that these are not gluten or wheat based products. The owner is so creative and always has something new to offer just when you think she can't do any better. My favorites keep changing and I keep becoming addicted to new products. It is wonderful that the bakery does not use corn starch or derivitatives, garbanzo bean flour, soy flour, or some of the other standard flours found in so many commercial gf goods. Many items are also dairy free. A huge thank you to Wildflour! I can enjoy baked goods again!”


“I adore Wildflour Gluten Free Baking Company. I've never had anything gluten-free that can compare with the texture and flavor of Wildflour. I have fooled many a guest who had no idea the cupcakes they were raving about were gluten free. You absolutely cannot tell the difference, except of course when Wildflour's version is so much better than the gluten equivalent. Our family's favorites include: double chocolate zucchini muffins (don't let the vegetable in the name fool you, EVERY kid loves these) chocolate chip cookies (better than any gluten version I've tasted) honey beer bread (great for kiddos) lemon poppy seed muffins any flavor of pound cake Oh - and we tried the Stuffing Mix for Thanksgiving this year. Everyone agreed it was better than the gluten stuffing! Rebecca (owner) and the rest of the staff are friendly and sweet; you feel like part of the family after only a few orders! Stop by any Saturday and take a look around. The shop is cute and cozy and there are super yummy samples, too! I dare you to try to a sample and not walk out with a muffin in hand; it's simply too good to resist!”


“This is the most delicious bakery in Seattle....not just because it is gluten free but because it isn't the same old to sweet baked goods that end up masking the real flavor of whatever it is you want to really taste. The baker, Rebecca knows when to stop and what to create so that you won't be bored with the same old taste .Her cakes and cookies are so delicious, moist, and wonderful to behold. Exquisite attention to detail... For example candiedginger sprinkled lightly on her Gingerbread/ Myer Lemon Bundt cake! I've followed and purchased many other products from other gluten free bakeries in the Seattle area, and this one by far has the most sophisticated taste and real foodie flavor!”


“I have been a gluten free for a number of years, always looking for what's new and satisfying. When I met Rebecca of Wildflour Gluten-free Baking Company my gratitude skyrocketed as she bakes a variety of qualitatively exquisite selections from her heart to perfection. She pairs ingredients like lavender/lemon, cheddar/chive, cardamom/pear, chocolate/mocha and maple/bacon that peak my interest and satisfy my need for high quality variety. Favorites seem always available while the surprise of new possibilities happily show up from time to time. I rave regularly about Rebecca and her magic touch. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your natural brilliance and amazing gift!!